Jan 6, 2022

3x Effective Formula: Re-marketing!

We are continuously marketing our product/service and showing it to our target audience in traditional platforms and in the digital world.  For the outcome of these marketing moves to be high, there is one thing we must pay attention to: re-marketing. 

Re-marketing is simply data showing the people who visited your website before, a product or a service of yours while they are on another site and attracting them to your website.

Great increase in engagement

If we look at the research data, it can be seen that re-targeted customers view your website 3 times more than your first communication with them. 

In addition, it is notable that re-marketed ads get 10 times more click-through rates if targeted correctly, and finally increase online sales by almost 20%.

Let’s dig deeper. 

Contributing both to sales and awareness

First, let’s question what is the purpose of re-marketing brands. As can be understood from the statistics mentioned above, achieving higher sales is of course amongst the goals of re-marketing. However, it has other benefits. A study shows that 70% of brands use re-marketing to increase brand awareness. The more people see your advertising, the more appealing your products look to the customers’ eye, and your persuasion rate increases the more your advert gets seen. 

Users are satisfied also

Marketing is of great benefit to not only brands, but also to the users. Based on your personal data and the traces you leave, the ads placed in front of you become much more personalized.  It would make you feel special to see an ad for that bag you liked so much, rather than seeing an ad about a sport you had nothing to do with, wouldn’t it?

Low cost high advantage

Let’s get back to the brands. They love re-marketing because it is both effective and inexpensive.

Yes, the cost per action (CPA) of the very effective marketing formula of re-marketing is many times cheaper than the search and display ads!

Yes, the benefits of re-marketing don’t stop there. But it is critical to work with experts in the field to carry out a successful re-marketing process. With correct targeting, it can be very successful, but it is not so easy to do the targeting correctly. That’s why, come on, and let BGA Partners do your successful re-marketing. Let this campaign, be prepared with experts in the field, blow up your brand!