Yes, that’s right, big corporations are being hacked, and they are allowing this to happen with their own free will! Moreover, this hacking is purely beneficial for them. If what you’ve read so far sounds ridiculous to you, let us explain.

The growth hackers aren’t the usual types…

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Opinion leaders…


Throughout history, they have taken their place in different subjects under different names and have been the people who guide and give advice to the masses. They set an example with their lives and played a role in making groups better, more productive, and perhaps more up-to-date. So,…

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What is your purpose? This question is an inquiry that we have encountered at least once in both private and public spheres. Even we have started rolling our eyes at this “having a purpose” term. Is it an overrated notion or an unavoidable fact? What is “purpose”… Read More

The world is transforming into digital and trends of this “digital world” constantly changes. Every year we look back to annual changes and developments in this digital world to better understand the future. As we move closer to a brand new year, here are some of the… Read More

On 16th of July, Elon Musk who is the founder of SpaceX and co-founder of Tesla has introduced Neuralink, a neurotechnology company that has been working on connecting the human brain with computer interfaces for the last two years. According to Musk, even in “a benign AI… Read More

People tend to shorten their decision-making process to simplify the task with some unconscious cognitive processes. There are a great number of brands who compete with each other through various distractions and they make the process even more difficult for the consumers. This is why people follow… Read More

People always like listening to stories and love brands which puts human to the centre. 

Human beings have been in the cycle of business and management over the years. The trace of management theory grounds the 1700s but the significant improvements have begun with… Read More

“The new research highlights the consequences of over targeting and its negative impacts which comes from focusing on precision marketing rather than brand building strategies.”

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The majority growth in cultural sector is in the film, TV and music categories.

The economic contribution of cultural industries such as theatres, galleries and music rapidly increasing in the UK. It has grew even faster than the wider economy itself for the sixth… Read More

Google has blocked off the campaign data which is available to advertisers and the inventory if they want to buy. Unfortunately, it severely restricted advertisers to reach successful campaigns on targeted consumers.

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