Millions of people perform billions of searches on Google daily. While they can access thousands of results in seconds, it is enough for them to look at only the first few of these results.


As a brand, being present on the digital platform and being one of the sites that…

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Jan 21, 2022
4Ps of Marketing

We produce our product or service, set a price for it, offer it for sale at the appropriate place, and carry out various promotional activities to sell it. Here is the definition of “4P”: Product

(product), price (price), place (distribution), and finally, promotion (promotion).


Let’s dive deep into the world of…

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Jan 14, 2022
What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.


It is a combination of strategies used by firms from all over the globe; to manage interactions, analyze your customers, and encourage fair trade with customers and potential new customers. It helps when interacting with investors as they are also customers, just not the…

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We are continuously marketing our product/service and showing it to our target audience in traditional platforms and in the digital world.  For the outcome of these marketing moves to be high, there is one thing we must pay attention to: re-marketing. 

Re-marketing is simply data showing…

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We all know the concept of advertising. Creative activities for marketing purposes that can appear in different formats in different media. But of course, advertisements also have a system of their own, a goal towards which their creativity is directed. Otherwise, every word said would be like talking…

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The word ‘advertisement’ originates from the French word “réclame”, which means declaring something aloud. When we think of bilateral communication, one takes on the task of listening while the other speaks. Of course, in our case, now that we’re the advertisers, it’s up to the target audience to…

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At this point, almost everyone knows that video content receives higher interaction compared to other types of content. 

More than 70% of marketers say that video content has a much higher engagement rate than other forms of marketing, so there’s no doubt about how useful it…

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Retailers were and still are rethinking their Christmas advertising plans amid warnings that the driver shortage and fuel crisis will impact product availability and delivery over the festive period.


There has been a generous amount of warnings to the public about people starting their Christmas shopping…

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There is Lots of competition, for brands to be able to differentiate and stand out, brands need to go through image differences, vision, and mission separations.

Of course, with constant change in consumer habits and expectations changing, there is one thing brands are increasingly turning their face to: inclusivity.

We used…

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“Guiding the future of the company” may sound very cool. However, management has many difficult processes to go through. First of all, let’s look at this sentence from another perspective: you will be guiding the future of the company; so if something goes wrong, you will be responsible.


In this…

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