Oct 13, 2021

Big Companies Are Being Hacked!

Yes, that’s right, big corporations are being hacked, and they are allowing this to happen with their own free will! Moreover, this hacking is purely beneficial for them. If what you’ve read so far sounds ridiculous to you, let us explain.

The growth hackers aren’t the usual types of hackers you might know, their jobs aren’t normal hacking. Let’s have a look into the growth hackers, today’s favorite workers of the brands, and their job. 

First, let us start with the origin and meaning of the word. The word “growth hacking” was first put forward by marketer Sean Ellis in 2010. It is also similar in Turkish to sayings such as “growth cheating” or “growth piracy”. So what is this piracy about? It is about recognizing the details and deficits in the market that are important and making strategic plans in line with them for your brand. And the ultimate purpose of all this process is to grow your company.

The term growth hacking and the work done in this context have been met with great interest and love by companies with limited budgets/resources (mostly startups) since the first day the term was used. Yes, brands loved these hackers, but what made these people so successful?


Growth hackers, first enable product optimization with the power they get from data and experiments; then they find new growth opportunities in the journey of brands in fields ranging from brand awareness to brand embassy. It is unlikely to place people working in this field institutionally in a department since they have guiding and supportive tasks in many fields from production to marketing. 

So, what are the differences between a growth hacker and a marketing expert?

First, while the marketing expert carries out much longer-term and comprehensive work, the growth hacker takes steps where the outcome can be seen in shorter periods. In addition, growth hackers have the ability to analyze data and technical skills to take new steps, while in marketing, creativity and stable work are at the forefront. However, both groups of employees ultimately aim to increase the company’s sales and awareness.

Before we end the article, would like to remind you that the growth hackers can’t just let your company from zero to the top with tricks or special tactics. Their work also begins with analyzing the already existing data and creating a plan with a good understanding of the positioning of the brand. Thus, they take the steps all the departments undertake. However, they can see the greater advantage in certain details rather than the department as a whole, as they work interdepartmental.