Jul 16, 2020

Care to Grow: Brands With Purpose in Times of Uncertainty

What is your purpose? This question is an inquiry that we have encountered at least once in both private and public spheres. Even we have started rolling our eyes at this “having a purpose” term. Is it an overrated notion or an unavoidable fact? What is “purpose” really, in itself?

What we see in dictionaries is the definition that we search every day. It is simply the answer to “why?” But as it is simple, like every other simple concept, it has a much deeper form where people have the urge to discover the purpose of everything, every moment to make sense of why, why they are buying, working, trying, doing things in general. Finding and having a purpose defines the actions we are making. Business at its core is the same as this to an extent. Brands with a deeper meaning beyond its products or services, that have a solid stance among every other only-profit oriented brand last and has a positive impact on the long run in uncertain times like today.

It is a sine qua non for a brand to have a purpose, but the way the brand produces a value from that and integrates this form to the culture of the order within your brand is pivotal. At the very end of this well-designed process, purpose eventually leads to value and therefore, profit. So, it is a strategic internal and external mistake for a company to devalue itself to not care to grow by having no purpose.

Correlatively, relationship marketing and management is a tricky but crucial road that leads to success and loyalty both in B2B and B2C environments. The more you create value, the more you acquire it, in different forms but without exception. Creating value for customers and continue doing it with a purpose relies on finding the “why” underneath the skin, at the heart of your business beyond its financial  aspects. Why did you make this product, what positive impact and difference will it create? In brands, having a solid basis, meaningful history, and a focal perspective towards future trends are three important tickets for a damage-free course of action.

Finding a purpose shouldn’t be just an attachment or a new business development criterion, a tool, but rather a perspective that you either build on or adapt to your culture to filter what is your true stance in the market.

To create or evolve a brand with a purpose with valuable characteristics, features below can be considered as a roadmap.

Caring for ethics and being a responsible brand increases positive brand equity as people aspire to those who act respectfully and worthily thus it is fixed with data that such brands are preferred more and gained long-term customer loyalty that also results in proportionally increased sales.

It is an extremely fast-paced cycle to maintain a constant growth in today’s blurry innovation curve. To innovate, adapt, change, and keep it as balanced as possible by creating futuristic patterns that brands identify themselves with and create a differentiated value is a crucial challenge. Trying to find the latent needs of people or businesses that your brand address is the part you differentiate the brand from the others with your unique purpose. In acquiring this, vision is significant to see through these processes and to reevaluate, improve on your purpose accordingly to the necessities of the time.

On the edge of the holistic transformation, this is the era of shifts. Economic, political, technological, socio-cultural changes are happening faster than ever so to keep up with all these fittingly are getting harder dramatically. In business, honesty and trustworthiness can be found once in a blue moon as the competition has gotten fierce so, maintaining the believability depends on how good a brand is to continue its services concerning its purpose without deviating from its path. This is one of the most important keys to avoid losing customers, networks, and employees.

If you believe in your brand, transparency is the perfect gift that you can ever give to your brand by letting your customers see through what you stand for.

What is your aim to accomplish, to create awareness about? What are your motivations and inspirations? Think about them and create a story for your brand. Let people and businesses believe in your brand and your purpose.