Brands are like living creatures, like real people who have own history, stories, personalities and identities. Especially today’s marketing world where storytelling is mostly preferred.  To be more visible, brands choose identities for themselves. 

A famous analytical psychologist Carl Gustav Jung who was a Swiss… Read More

Every year companies spend 400 billion dollars as marketing and advertising budget. Despite the size of the figure, it is difficult to estimate how effectively return this money as a success.  To eliminate huge losses and be in more effective using neuro-marketing will help companies to save Money…. Read More

Yeah you heard it, now it is real! Think about the Ant Man and his ability to shrinking himself to a micro level. In Pennsylvania University, under the leadership of Marc Miskin, a group of researchers developed the quadrupedal (4 legs) nano-robots which can walk inside the… Read More

Since Netflix became people favourite leisure time activity, it has millions of subscribers who spend their night with it. As all we know, people even have a phrase for this as “Netflix and Chill”. It can be appropriate to say that Netflix has created its own culture…. Read More

Millennials or in other words ‘Generation Y’ is the generational group who followed their previous generation ‘Generation X’ who are born between the 1980s to mid-1990’. The Generation Z or ‘Gen Z’ the group that came after the ‘Generation Y’ who born between the mid-1990s and Mid-2000s…. Read More

Now you can easily purchase your film tickets from Facebook!

Lately, Facebook has launched a new featurewhich allows its users to see the movies that playing nearby, list of show times and movie theatres.  Facebook users in the USA and lately in the UK can see… Read More

‘ War Against Plastic’ is a general concern for both consumers and brands all agreed upon. There are several ways to help to a slight transition and adapt customer to this switch.

It has not been so long since the plastic came into our… Read More

An architectural style of creating spaces perfectly tuned for inhabitants who crave more than aesthetics.

Scandinavian architecture does not just mean a kind of architectural style, yet a way of life. Although it seems so complicated to create such perfect living spaces, it’s… Read More

Nowadays, it is harder than ever to convince customers to buy your product just with traditional marketing strategies, because everyone will first do an internet search about the product they are considering to buy.  In the age of social media and excessive social interactions, other users’ opinions are… Read More

As technology improves, secrets of success for every industry are reshaping according to the latest innovations, trends, preferences, possibilities… While these changes have weaker influences on some industries, for the retail industry, it is the total opposite. As the world changes, consumer preferences veer radically. People basically do not…

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