Aug 17, 2018

Choosing The Right Strategy: Integrated Marketing Communication

Turkey remains as an advantageous market for global countries due to the low tax policy for foreign exporters, geographical features, never-ending consumption demand of young generation and local market volume. Every passing year, great numbers of companies are getting involved in the Turkish market as new players.
When it comes to communication and strategy requirements of these companies, the first thing that comes to mind is either determining true communication channels and communication strategy or reaching out to specialized local people and organizations about marketing and communication.

In recent years, companies prefer integrated marketing communications. This process ensures synchronized and single strategic approach and provides great convenience to global firms expanding on local markets by abiding brand story, hence; prevents integrity of advertising language and gets a clear message about the brand.

Integrated marketing communications developed by the requirements of brands, provides a great contribution to creating brand awareness by delivering a coherent message with different marketing channels to consumers. This coherent brand perception is very important to improve strong consumer relations which will transform into customer loyalty within the process.

In addition to these advantages, integrated marketing communications are also more cost efficient, since it prevents repetition which occurs during the marketing process and makes it possible to work with only one agency. Accordingly, agency expenses are no longer a financial burden for companies and meanwhile save from the time at the same time.

Since 2008, in order to satisfy local requirements of global brands, BCCT Member BGA Partners has been servicing to its customers in this fashion and has become their ‘target partner’ as integrated marketing communications agency. Communication is key in all aspects of life, and for your brand it is crucial. BGA Partners connects your brand with local demands and strives to succeed in with true strategies of integrated marketing communications which suit your brand story and the local market at the same time. From their standpoint, success is not adding new clients to a list. Rather, it is to see the increase in your results of sales ranking. Then it is time to celebrate! Up until today, BGA Partners has been the target partner of great numbers of national and global brands. It is now ready to share your mission.