Aug 10, 2018

Digital Advertising Investments Keep on Growing

The Turkish branch of IAB, one of the worlds’ famous digital professional organizations, published ratios for digital advertising investments in 2017. According to official figures, digital advertising investments in Turkey have increased by 15,5% since 2016 and have reached ₺2,163 million.

In 2017, display advertising investments increased to ₺1,228 million with 16% growth. In this category, the biggest share belongs to per click based and per mille based advertising investments. Video advertising investments reached ₺269,5 million by growing 50% and native advertising reached ₺78,6 million.

Search engine advertising figured out at ₺315 million and investments for advertising pages achieved the level of ₺103 million. However, e-mail advertising is one of the unique channels which regressed to ₺5,2 million last year. In addition, in-game advertising maintained its growth and reached ₺13 million.

₺1,093 million out of a total of ₺2,153 million in digital advertising investments took place on mobile platforms. 76% of a total of ₺340 million social media ads were on mobile devices. The increase in the number of programmatic advertising purchases continued in 2017 and reached ₺1,411 million.

Turkey, as a country that is quite active in digital platforms, offers more than enough potential in terms of digital advertising. Based on the total advertising figures investments for Turkey, digital media is ranked 2nd after television advertising.

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