Aug 31, 2018

How Effective Are Digital Advertising Investments?

Digital technologies occupy more place in our life every passing day. We are always on the computer in our offices and we are glued to our cell phones in our home and abroad. Concordantly, digital advertising develops and strengths day by day. Thanks to digital advertising, advertising agencies and their clients do not have to hope that their target market watches their commercial films during 30 seconds undistractedly, pass by their billboards, read magazines which they publish their commercials. Nowadays, messages can be delivered on the spot, to predetermined targets at a predetermined time.

Effect and performance of digital advertising have been the matter in hand for a long time. The Turkey section of IAB (the biggest digital occupational organization in the world) has realized a research project titled “Effect of Digital Advertising on Brands”, to examine effects of digital advertising on brand awareness, advertising acclaim and its effects on other channels.

The research project, which sampled 6,000 participants, points to the effects of digital advertising in Turkey. According to the research, when digital advertising takes up more share from the advertising mix, brands become more visible in other channels and more easily remembered. Digital campaigns do create a marked difference when compared to advertising in other channels.

The efficient use of digital channels in advertising campaigns does set the target audience in motion. When digital channels complement campaigns, attention ratios increase by %90, desire ratios increase by %33 and action ratios increase by %31. The effects of digital channels on purchasing decisions are more than the effects of television advertising and the other types of commercials.

Another discovery by the “Effect of Digital Advertising on Brands” research is the role of digital advertising on interaction and acclaim of brands. When brands become more active on digital channels, their favor rates increase and consumer interaction with the brand increases.

Another result revealed by the research is the contribution of digital channels to brand reputation. Consumers are more inclined to attribute some characteristics to brands such as innovator, sincere, reliable and leader if they exist in digital platforms.

Turkey presents an important potential regarding digital advertising because more than half of its population is active on the internet.
In Turkey, digital advertising investments come second after television commercial investments. As your targeting partner, BGA Partners commits to provide you with a steady position and brand awareness in the Turkish Market by creating effective digital strategies. With the advantage of being an integrated marketing communication agency, BGA PArtners provides unique and clear messages regarding your brand for your costumers in digital as well as in other channels.