Mar 25, 2019

How much Facebook can get involves our lives?

Now you can easily purchase your film tickets from Facebook!

Lately, Facebook has launched a new featurewhich allows its users to see the movies that playing nearby, list of show times and movie theatres.  Facebook users in the USA and lately in the UK can see the available shows and buy their tickets via Facebook. In order to buy a ticket: firstly you should enter the movie section on Facebook and search the movie that you are planning to see. Once you had a choice you can also pick a show time and buy you ticker instantly. 

When you talking with your valentine or friend on facebook messenger about new movies, without leaving the Facebook you can search the movie and buy movie tickets.Also, you’ll be able to filter by its location and see what is coming soon at cinemas nearby you that will help you. Facebook’s Head of Entertainment, Anna Higgs says that: “There are millions of people around the world already interacting with film-related experienceson our platform every day, and UK cinema admissions hit a record high in 2018,” considering Anna Higgs explanation, this latest move of Facebook can seem very wisely because it makes users spend more time on the website, which brought them more traffic. It is also beneficial for users to discover new movies and interact with their local cinemas directly. Facebook also wouldn’t be taking any cut of the money that paid to the cinemas and wouldn’t earn any commission from the sale.

It is very easy to reach film contents on Facebook from now on, after typing ‘Films’ on the search bar you easily reach the movies and movie theatres. Then all you have to do is pick a show time, buy a ticket directly and enjoy the film!