Sep 14, 2018

How to Create a Global Brand from Scratch

A brand is the identity of goods or services. While a brand distinguishes a product from others, it is a reminder which symbolizes the product through a name, a term or a sign in the minds of customers. All producers wish that their goods or services become a brand in the eyes of its customers. ‘How to become a brand?’ The answer to this question can be subtle and complicated.

Step 1: Ask yourself the right questions

There are many other questions that should also be asked during the brand creation process, and the mission which goods and products are expected to fulfill should be determined accordingly.

Some of those questions are:

Which quality, value and experiences should the brand offer to customers?
What is the reason for being of the brand?
What are the objectives of the brand?
What is the target audience of the brand?
What are the most important differences that will distinguish the brand from its competitors?

Answers of these questions determine the main lines of the brand mission.

Step 2: Differentiate!

The second stage of the brand creation process involves differentiating the brand from others.
What does your brand that is new? Smart? Different? Trustworthy? This stage involves the analysis of the mission to be carried by the brand, the related market, and the competitors. A brand should be positioned differently from its competitors, by taking account of its mission.

Step 3: What benefits will your brand offer?

Third, the reason that will compel customers to buy this product should be designated. This question will help determine the main benefits which your goods or products will be offering to customers.

Step 4: Voice, Tone, Personality, and Positioning

Fourth, a tone and a slogan should be decided upon.

Would you rather have your brand be a modern or classical one? Would you prefer it to be joyful or traditional? The voice and tone of your brand will come into existence through the personality of your brand and its positioning – which should remain consistent across all usages and platforms.

Step 5: Visual Design Language

At the fifth stage, you should have a unique design which reflects the previously designated mission and voice of tone.

The design language of your brand should mirror the brand’s overall tone and position: the logo, leaflets, website, packages, office stationery, and advertising campaigns should all be designed accordingly.

Step 6: Reach out to your customers

On the sixth stage, you are ready to contact your customers.

At this stage, promotion and advertising actions should not be one-way, and interaction with the target audience through all channels should be encouraged. Achieving this will allow you to receive feedback from your customers and give you a chance to improve your product by taking feedback into consideration. Communicating with your target audience will help you consolidate their trust.

Get professional help!

Brand creation is not a simple process. All steps should be proper and on time. The process should be planned and managed professionally. As BGA Partners, we are a target partner of the companies which wish to build a strong brand and with a high market share. With the advantage of being an integrated marketing communication agency, we stand by your brand during the brand creation process and take the steps that are necessary for your brand to reach its objectives on time. Having already been the target partner of great numbers of brands, we are now are ready to share your mission and make it our own.