Jan 4, 2022

Instagram Continues To Transform: Instagram Videos 

At this point, almost everyone knows that video content receives higher interaction compared to other types of content. 

More than 70% of marketers say that video content has a much higher engagement rate than other forms of marketing, so there’s no doubt about how useful it is to you.


Naturally, many companies are able to benefit from the high interaction of the video content, with more than 80% of brands now using video marketing as a part of their marketing strategy.


With video content being so popular, Instagram continues to do its part in this market. Instagram, which first revealed the Reels content, Is now aiming to bring a new tab called the Instagram Video tab; this will collect all types of video content in Instagram under one single roof. 

The aim is to include: Live streams (Instagram Live Videos), IGTV content, video posts, and Reels videos all under this tab for its users to view easily.


So what does each of these types of content marketing mean for the marketing world?

One of the biggest and best features of Instagram Live videos is that you can add other accounts (your followers or guests) to your live stream as a guest and communicate with them instantly; this enables you to communicate with your followers in a quick way and you are able to instantly see comments and likes. As it is the life you can also respond to them. 

Thanks to this type of video, it is possible to establish a transparent relationship, extract original content and quickly receive feedback from your followers. 


What should we do with IGTV? 

IGTV, where you can share content for up to an hour, also has great potential for companies and brands. By using IGTV, brands are able to become more informative, active and they are able to fill in the spaces of the experts.


Reels videos

Could Reels Videos be any more ideal for you to blend creativity with an amazing marketing genius in only a matter of seconds?

It also allows you to put it in front of Instagram’s billions of users?

Of course, it is difficult to produce good quality Reels content, however, it’s a type of content that users spend a long time viewing with Reels videos. 


Video content 

This is probably the best type of content users have actually engaged with. 

Yes, it may not be as exciting as some of the others, but it is certainly much better than static (image) content. 


If you want to take place in the competitive world of Instagram and create an increase in your sales from brand awareness, let’s achieve great things together by producing successful content for your business! 

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