Nov 15, 2021

Let Influencers Think About It!

We’ve published articles on influencer marketing and success rates in the past. The performance of micro-influencers in particular has been noticed by almost all companies. This is why the budget dedicated to influencers in marketing is growing. However, there’s one other area where influencers need to have bigger parts; the creative process of advertising!


With usual influencer marketing, marketing departments and the agencies come together and prepare advertising briefs for the influencer. The reason behind influencers only being involved in advertising is obvious: companies don’t trust the influencer’s performance in the creative process.


However, you should not forget that influencers have been in the advertising business for years, so they have knowledge and experience of the industry. Besides, they are the ones who know their followers best. So, this will help as the more involved the influencer is in the creation of the ad campaign, the higher the engagement ads can be generated as the influencer knows how to target his/her audience and get the best reaction out of them possible.


Another well-known fact is that the newer generations don’t view “advertising” favourably.

So, the less the post by the influencer looks as if it is an advert the more likely it is to be a successful campaign. Of course, if we consider advertising campaigns that are run with multiple influencers, the addition of their “own comments” to the ad will make these collaborations much more sincere and real in a way.


In fact, there is a slight concern with the amount of control you give the influencer; by giving them more space and control to do what they want they reduce your control over the ad or leave your adverts initial idea and they can change it to something else. They might also be able to lower the number of sales made if the advert isn’t how you wanted it and it is a different concept from the initial plan. Therefore, it seems at an advantage to restrict the area of control granted to influencers. However, when the area of control becomes less restricted the influencer is then able to tailor the advert to their followers. The influencer will be able to control more about how they present your advert as they know their followers best and can help get a better result from the advert. Instead of reading a script, the influencer will be able to say ‘look, I recommend this’ or talk about the product in a way that will grab the followers’ attention. This can increase the efficiency of the advert.


There is also the influencers’ perspective. Research shows that 77% of influencers are keen to work with brands multiple times when they are given creative space and slightly more control over how to do their advert. So, it’s in everyone’s best interest to actually give the influencer space for a long-term campaign opportunity.

Influencer marketing is now one of the most effective ways for all brands to be involved in all kinds of social media. Most brands now have their budget for social media and influencer marketing as it is becoming really effective. No matter what industry you are in, it is now possible to find an influencer that suits your brand.


The influencer knows the importance of marketing and some details, but they don’t know how to adapt it to your own brand; work with us and leave the entire creative process to us. We will choose the influencer that works best for you and give them the creative ideas that best suit the ad campaign whilst still giving them a little bit of say in the advert!