Jan 6, 2022

Make Your Customer the Star of Your Ad: Interactive Ads 

The word ‘advertisement’ originates from the French word “réclame”, which means declaring something aloud. When we think of bilateral communication, one takes on the task of listening while the other speaks. Of course, in our case, now that we’re the advertisers, it’s up to the target audience to listen passively. However, there is a type of advertising that changes that balance with innovative and ingenious examples, where creativity peaks, and it is called interactive advertising. 

What is this revolutionary type of advertising that breathes new life into marketing?

Interactive advertising eliminates the passive position of the target audience and actively involves them in the process as if they were stars in a professional commercial. You gain a place in his/her memory when presenting your advertisement, thanks to the actions of your potential customer who is active in the process, and show that you are original and successful.

For example, the magazine advert where a car brand launches its newly developed airbag is quite exciting. The advert, in which we first see the nose of the car, spreads to three pages in total.

There’s a sign on the hood of the car: “Hit here hard to see how the car will take shape in the event of an accident.” When the person holding the magazine hits that area, the paper begins to swell and directs the reader to the next page. 

On the back page, an image that reflects the inside of the car shows how protective the airbag is when swelled.

This type of advertising, which we have seen many examples in the traditional advertising, has changed shells, taking its share of the digitalization process.

Now we are seeing interactive ads on social media multiple times throughout the day. 

Interactive digital ads, which have their origins from the “demo” game process of game ads, are now available at a much more advanced level allowing people to have a short experience of the game or service. 

With the help of a bar pulled around, you can show your product or service before and after use and develop advertisements where mutual communication takes place through methods such as questionnaires and surveys.

In addition to its entertaining aspect, these ads, which are stimulating and make the viewer watch to the end in huge proportions, also become an important factor in the marketing strategy of many brands with the high click rate and catch-up they bring with them. Let’s make our customers stars in our creative business together!