Oct 19, 2018

Marketing to the Heart: Emotional Marketing

Have you ever thought the common feature of the impressive advertisements that you never forget? A product, story, characters or color? No matter what they have, they have only one thing in common: they make you feel emotions.

Love for a puppy, mercy for an old man or anger for a ferocious criminal… These are only some examples of emotions we have experienced in our lives. Since we are emotional beings by our very nature, emotions are one of the greatest determinants shaping our behaviors and reactions. This is why companies give a wide coverage to emotional stimulants in their marketing strategies.

What Is Emotional Marketing?

Emotional marketing can be defined as the creation of acts and attitudes that will turn into a preference for a particular product or service by means of emotions. All marketing and advertising works that use elements to reveal emotions to ensure people remembering, influence, sharing and purchase can fall under emotional marketing.

Emotional Marketing Strategies

When it comes to emotions, people are very vulnerable. Small details such as a small scratch or a color tone are often enough to make us feel something. Although this situation increases the number of elements that can be used in emotional marketing strategies, it also requires us to be so careful.
As usual, you need to know your audience to have a successful strategy. You need to know many things, such as the age range, income level, education level you are addressing.

The determination of a specific emotion that would be convenient to use and ways to reveal that specific emotion can be learned only by discovering the desires and wishes of your customers. After you learn that, there are so many strategies that can be used. First of all, you must have a story that will draw the consumer into it and tell this story in the most accurate way. You can make a person feel closer to you by creating stories in which s/he finds something about his/her life. It is crucial to use ideal visuals or figures to tell the story correctly. At this point, you should not forget to use the colors appropriately.
Although it seems to be a simple idea, the strong relationship between colors and emotions is a proven fact in psychology. You must carefully consider every color you use: from your logo introducing your brand and to the packaging of your product. Finally, you can a start a trend or establish a community around your brand that will trigger a sense of belonging in people. You hereby make people feel more loyal to you or sympathize with your product. You can spread such trends to massive amounts, especially with social media campaigns by means of hashtags, groups, and forums etc.

As BGA Partners, we believe in the power of emotions and communication through emotions. We analyze your brand identity and your consumer profile in the most accurate way that will create the right emotional contact between you and your customers. We plan all the details you need to have the most proper emotional marketing strategy. We are able to provide a 360-degree perspective with our services to make you closer to your customers than today.