Apr 1, 2019

New Move from Apple: Apple TV+ VS Netflix

Since Netflix became people favourite leisure time activity, it has millions of subscribers who spend their night with it. As all we know, people even have a phrase for this as “Netflix and Chill”. It can be appropriate to say that Netflix has created its own culture. Besides Netflix, there are several other brands who are trying to follow a similar path with Netflix such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now and Hulu. In addition to these brands, last week Apple displayed their last weapon which can compete with the Netflix! 

The new weapon Apple TV +

At the 25th March special event held in The Steve Jobs Theatre and Apple announced the availability of new services and features at their current service which might have cause Netflix to be gasped. On this special event, Apple was mainly focused on its services, not to products. With this strategic manoeuvre, Apple sought to prolong its power on an environment where every technology company slowly built its own way to expand software, hardware, platforms and services. They did not only launched the Apple TV+ but also, Apple Card, Apple News+ and Apple Arcade. As a company who wants to enjoy the advantages of the subscription system, Apple has introduced 3 new subscription services and a credit card overnight. 

In the past few years, Apple has invested heavily in Apple TV + and wanted to increase its weight in the entertainment industry and the timeshare which spent in front of the TV. After all the work has done, Apple introduced its new broadcasting platform which has launched as the new platform of the world’s leading creative storytellers, Apple TV + to host special programs, documentaries and movies. Since these media service providers increase its value against regular TV broadbands, everybody has been making its decision based on content which is on Netflix or any other platform. Because of this reason Apple is also allocating money to invest in the contents as well. In the launching event, the contents which included Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jason Momoa, Kumail Nanjiani and Jon M. Chu were displayed and demonstrated the magnificence of the Apple’s news service which will be served in autumn. When Apple owns the content and its distribution rights, it will have the advantage of launching contents everywhere around the world at the same time. The service fee hasn’t been announced that we will see on an upcoming day, however; if they announced the subscription fee may take this ‘price advantage’ to use for its own sake.