Sep 28, 2018

New Reality Rules: Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality can be defined as the re-defining and resubmitting of the physical environment by a computer, in real time. At first, this seems technically quite confusing – and also imaginative! However, it is actually quite simple in terms of a user’s experience. All you need to experience AR is a smart device such as a smartphone, a tablet or smart glasses that integrates into an AR app. An application that is designed for AR according to the device that you own basically makes you ready to experience AR.

…How come to these devices manage to take us on a completely different adventure?

If you want to publish data through AR, you need to design with AR in mind from the very beginning. Afterward, elements such as audio, video, graphics or GPS are put together within the application on your smartphone, redesigning the world around you and presenting you with a completely different experience as a user.

Beyond the technical aspects, are we able to see a place for AR in our social life?

Although we have just started to hear about this innovation in the last few years, the process of its development is from far being new. The concept of Augmented Reality is actually based on military technology, and its origins can be traced back to warplanes.

Today, AR technology is frequently used in many sectors such as education, marketing, real estate, tourism, industry, games, decoration, cinema, logistics, art, and construction, while new applications are borne and usage increasingly continues every day. The internal dynamics of every sector shapes the technology according to the realistic experiences that are able to generate significant increases in demand/consumption rates by targeted customer segments.

Think about it: thanks to AR technology, we are now able to see a table that we are considering to buy in the middle of our living room before actually buying it, and we are now able to decide which color will be more compatible with our other furniture.

Well, that saves us all from a lot of extra effort and purchasing remorse!

Of course, this is the simplest part of the job. Day by day, the boundaries of imagination will push AR to new limits as its technology is being perfected. The internal dynamics of each sector will shape themselves accordingly, and the structures that cannot find a way to benefit will risk being literally doomed by falling behind the times.

For this reason, investing into technology and innovation, restructuring products with the latest technologies in mind, and making sure to receive support from professional creative agencies that can think 360 degrees when the need arises is crucial for all companies.

As BGA partners, we have been providing a 360-degree perspective with our services, making sure customers keep with emerging trends and are on top of day-to-day developments since 2008. We are always happy to serve companies who want to seize the day’s opportunities through our advertising and integrated communication services.