Oct 5, 2018

New Rules of Advertising in a Changing World: Plain, Transparent, Creative, Sophisticated.

The rules of the game are changing with the World. Creativity and other disciplines are converging to a new trend in the advertising sector: 360-degree integrated marketing communication.

With today’s fast developments in technology, new concepts and different media are becoming part of global trends. We are leaving traditional styles of production and are starting to produce in new fields. In doing so, we learn new concepts and words into this alteration. 360-degree marketing or 360-degree communication and integrated marketing communication is one of them. Today, we see many marketing agencies use this term. So what does ‘360-degree’ mean?

We are already familiar with the concept of “Integrated Marketing Communication.” We have already known it for years. Integrated Marketing Communication includes overall communication and promotion activities that use advertising, public relations, promotions, marketing, research and measuring tools in harmony. It is the art of combining these with true strategic plans and a unique message.

Why has this approach, which already existed, become so important and so popular today? 

The answer to this question may lie within the changes in our daily lives and changes in people’s daily behaviors. In a way, advertisers can be considered as tailors of society. Creatives and campaigns that fail to pursue changing global trends and keep up with popular culture cannot be successful. We can say that the reason why integrated marketing communications were born and now dominates the advertising world can be found in the history of marketing: fast developments in technology and changes in a globalizing world have a great impact on society.

People now have many more options. They can reach many different media spontaneously. With the integration of the internet in our daily lives, traditional media tools have lost their effectiveness. Even digital advertising is no longer effective as they used to be. Target groups can reach any information and insights they need without any difficulties with just one click. At first glance, this situation seemed like an advantage. However, people now want to save time and want to access services and information from one source or institution.

Since it is a mirror of society, the situation is identical in the advertising sector.  Brands prefer to work with a single agency that can provide services that different agencies used to provide. As a result, competition has increased in the sector. Now, many agencies are left behind because they have failed to understand today’s necessities.

“Interactivity” and bi-directional interaction are now the keywords of the advertising world.

Consumers are no longer just passive users. Bidirectional communication must be very strong in order to draw attention to the service provided or to the ongoing campaign. At this point, both the 360-degree integrated and the interactive advertising approach come to the foreground. Only multi-faceted and interactive thinking agencies can now survive in the sector, and only those who are able to play the game according to the new rules can reach the summit.

At this point, BGA partners know the requirements of the new era: listening to customers’ insights and drawing a comprehensive roadmap for them. This time literally requires one to be in the game, and BGA partners draw the rules the right way. It provides a 360-degree perspective to its customers and makes sustainable success possible. This is the only way to stand out today’s re-established world of Marketing.