Sep 14, 2021

New Trend in Digital Marketing: Influencers!

Opinion leaders…


Throughout history, they have taken their place in different subjects under different names and have been the people who guide and give advice to the masses. They set an example with their lives and played a role in making groups better, more productive, and perhaps more up-to-date. So, is there a place for opinion leaders in a new world order where access to information is so easy? Of course, there is! Now, they have become influencers of digital media.


So, what place and importance does this world of influencers have in business life? From the accounts we follow for recipes, to users who share shopping and fashion advice; collaborating with these people, who appear in many media from Instagram to TikTok, has the potential to provide great advantages for brands. However, in the rapidly developing digital world, it can be a little difficult to find your way, since even the existence of social media dates back only to 2004. While the number of companies that realize the importance of influencer marketing is increasing day by day, the intricacies of this marketing method are not known by most companies.


Until a few years ago, the return of social media advertising campaigns used to be measured by the increasing number of followers. However, in the new order, it was realized that this was not a correct evaluation method. The main thing is to establish a bond with potential customers and followers, to interact with them in the long run. Therefore, influencer marketing is gaining more and more importance. Because while a brand’s advertisement of its product appears to be a purely commercial transaction, an influencer does this in a much more friendly atmosphere. As social media users find parallels between their lives and those influencers- whose story they know-, and they see the influencers use your brand’s product; the mirror neurons that lead them to purchase come into play.  A type of neuron of our brain called mirror neuron allows us to imitate the behavior of others and to empathize with them. Thus, people who see themselves as one with the other, have a positive impression of the product with the positive comments of the influencer, even before they try the product by themselves. Thus, this situation paves the way to purchase.


Yes, influencer marketing is a very attractive method. So, what should we pay attention to when we choose this method so that the success rate of our cooperation is high? First of all, it is necessary to be very careful about choosing the right influencer. Finding an influencer that appeals to your target audience is the foremost step you will take. For example, if you are in the food industry, choosing a good chef with fewer followers than a world-famous chef will create a much more positive future for your brand since the one with a lower number of followers has more sincerity. In addition, you must plan your cooperation in the medium and long term since it removes the suspicion of whether the influencer is doing this business only for commercial purposes. Showing your product to people periodically but repeatedly creates a positive image.


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