digital advertising


The rules of the game are changing with the World. Creativity and other disciplines are converging to a new trend in the advertising sector: 360-degree integrated marketing communication.

With today’s fast developments in technology, new concepts and different media are becoming part of global trends. We are leaving traditional styles…

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Smartphones have become an essential part of our life. We never give up to check our smartphones, even if we are at work, at school or on the road. However, every country displays different usage patterns.

Statistics show that in Europe, people look at their smartphones 48 times a day….

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Digital technologies occupy more place in our life every passing day. We are always on the computer in our offices and we are glued to our cell phones in our home and abroad. Concordantly, digital advertising develops and strengths day by day. Thanks to digital advertising, advertising agencies and…

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The Turkish branch of IAB, one of the worlds’ famous digital professional organizations, published ratios for digital advertising investments in 2017. According to official figures, digital advertising investments in Turkey have increased by 15,5% since 2016 and have reached ₺2,163 million.

In 2017, display advertising investments increased to ₺1,228 million…

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