Apr 8, 2019

The Key for Brands Content Strategy: Responsiveness

There are two important elements that are very significant for creating digital content for today’s online platforms: Agility and Speed.

In today’s digital environment content is very important for both brands and advertising agencies. There are various ways and channels to reach customers or consumers. Even though it gives a great advantage for reaching the masses the content needs to be rapidly created in accordance with the agenda and always be current.

Marketing Week and Creative Review, in partnership with Shutterstock, hosted an event where senior marketers and creative directors to discuss the strategy, culture and processes required for brands and agencies for content creations which meets the demands of consumers.

Content Personality needs to be defined

Content Strategy should be followed a path which incompatible with brand personality and strategy itself.  Having a specific content strategy and positioning regarding brand personality is vital for brands. As marketing head of  TSB, Keith Gulliver said that “Are we campaign-oriented or do we have an always-on philosophy? That’s difficult to figure out, particularly at the start.”  He has a point for defining strategy at the beginning is important before implementing your content plan. The Second thing on this issue is to keep in balance both ideas and the creativity as Brand director of The Gin Hub at Pernod Ricard suggested. Also he states that: “You can get into difficulties there because everyone has a different idea.” It is a slippery slope you have the pick the great idea without wasting others. It can be briefly understood that, start making your plan than stick with the plan but don’t forget to produce creative content.

Measurement of the feedback of your content. 

It is important to see what you’ve expected to achieve with each marketing channel and what you get with your content at the end of the day. Measuring the feedback that you received from your audience is the key because you have to know their reactions and act in a responsive manner to those feedbacks. Testing is relevant and efficient for revealing the insights which will help your company to reach customers’ brain and push them to your brand. So be careful when you measuring online track activity and analysis it can be vital for your brand to prolong its existence in this rapidly grown digital world.