Sep 21, 2018

The Second Screen: A Modern Watching Habit

Although a “second screen” is something that most of us now use every day, we just started to hear the expression.

So how did the notion of “second screen,” which came into being after the proliferation of mobile devices and portable computers around us, come into our lives?

The answer is actually quite simple: when our mobile phones and tablets became smart and secured their presence in our lives, the second screen concept was born.

What does the second screen concept tell us? Simply put, the expression describes the use of more than one screen at a time, for different purposes.

Smartphones, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs and computers can all be considered secondary screens. For instance, when you spend time on a device that is showing content that is different from what you are simultaneously watching on television – or while viewing a large outdoor screen, you become a wonderful example for a second screen user.

Aside from the daily and fun aspects of the concept, the second screen has become one of the biggest opportunities for brands wanting to interact with their target audiences. Advertisers now often make use of the second screen concept to help increase product sales, connect with the consumer, access and interact with the consumer on social media.

…So, what do consumers use the second screen for?

Especially when we look at the consumption habits of the Y and Z generations, we see that television monitoring rates are very low and that even during monitored programs, an alternative screen is present. While mobile device users mostly go to social media, applications and online games, users on personal computers tend to be more active viewing news and videos, forums in addition to social media platforms. According to the Global Web Index Turkey report Q4 2016 data, 56% of second screen usage in Turkey consists of the use of social media. This is followed by 46% for email, chat and news-reading actions.

When consumers see related ads on their TV and second screens at the same time, they are more likely to interact with the brand and seek detailed information.
The most important thing that one should consider when placing ads on the second screen is the elements that constitute these ads. If one wants to a use second screen advertising successfully, there are several points one should pay attention to.

First of all, mobile compatibility of the websites that we visit every day is one of the most essential requirements. If you already have a mobile-compatible website, it needs to be prepared for higher volumes of traffic in the future. Because you would not want a website that does not support intense interaction.
Second, you need to have a powerful social media team that is able to provide instant response to ongoing interaction and to intense traffic on social media. A team that is ready to communicate actively with the hashtags that you choose for your brand will be a lifesaver. If you do not have the right management on social media, the second screen concept will not work for you.

One of the other important points for advertisers is to be working with professional digital agencies for social media management as well as for search engine optimization and marketing (SEO & SEM), as social media platforms and search engines are frequently used on second screens.
As someone that uses advertising, if you want to grow your brand, then it is time to make sure you are truly reaping the opportunities and benefits offered by the rising popularity of the second screen.

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