Mar 25, 2019

Transition to eco-friendly packaging, is it possible?

‘ War Against Plastic’ is a general concern for both consumers and brands all agreed upon. There are several ways to help to a slight transition and adapt customer to this switch.

It has not been so long since the plastic came into our lives. Despite its own 60-70 years old life, it has irreversible effects on earth. Recently brands started to behave in a more responsive manner to the environment. A composition of toxic pollutants makes plastic harmful and cause a major threat for the environment in terms of air, water and land pollution. 

Considering the damage that we had done to the earth it is better to take an action. In order to reduce plastic waste brands started to take several actions. However, it won’t be that easy for their customers to make this switch sustainable. There are a lot of elements that led customers to use plastic-free alternatives. However, this switch addresses new challenges “Adaptation to Consumers Demand”.  Some major chains remove plastic straws from their restaurants and switch them with paper ones, while the others give discounts to customers for bringing their re-usable cups. Many of the customers see the “War against Plastic” movement as a trend and they wanted to get involved. However, sustainability is a key problem.  

A Great Number Of People Are Fairly Concerned

According to Ipsos MORI research 7 of 8 adults in Britain are “fairly concern” about this plastic waste. While of 75% them states that “we are prepared to solve the problem” by mentioning that they can use re-use plastic bags and bottles. Furthermore, 54% of them claimed that: “We can buy a good that made from recycled materials.” 3% of these people see this situation as a “Company’s problem”.  Even though 3% doesn’t cover a huge place in the majority, it is important to create a consciousness and awareness for plastic issue among them. Brands should consider to offer more eco-friendly packing solutions, and encourage their customers to use them. 

Rather Than Recycled Products Produce and Use Eco-Friendly

Re-cycled products might sound innocent however the recycling process should also be in a responsive manner to the earth. Rather than using re-cycled or re-usable package they should drive people to chooseeco-friendly solutions which can easily dissolve in nature.Documentaries, social responsibility projects, legislation can help to reduce the plastic waste but the most important channel is word-of-mouth which can lead to a changein consumer’s perception on this issue. The transformation period also can be beneficial for brands to position themselves and find alternative solutions. Taking into account all of these the answer to ‘is it possible’ is: Yes! There is nothing impossible.