Aug 24, 2018

Turkey’s Advertising Sector: A Market Growing With Foreign Investment

In Turkey, as in other parts of the world, the advertising sector depends on overall economic and commercial activities. Turkish advertising started during at the beginning of the century during the years of the Balkan War with the arrival of Emest Hoffer, who previously was the Manager of Havas Advertising Agency in Cairo. Later on, the sector gained momentum at the end of World War 2. This momentum cannot be thought apart from the economic recovery that happened during those years.

In Turkey, the golden age of advertising started in the 1980s. At the time, globalization was showing its positive effects and international brands were looking for new markets. Turkey was attracting attention to the youth population’s excessive demand for consumption, with its ease of accessibility to other great markets and low tax policy. Therefore, investments in Turkey grew consistently.

Firms entering the market started to work with advertising agencies to develop local marketing strategies. With the contributions of advertising, which was used to extend market share, interest in imported products increased every day. As a result, the number of advertising agencies grew at the end of the 1980’s. Partnerships between global agencies and local ones coincide with this period. Global agencies, which wanted a share from the Turkish market, transferred their know-how and experience to local agencies, thus contributing to the improvement of the advertising sector in Turkey.

According to the Turkish Advertising Association, total advertising investment in Turkey grew by %4.88 in 2017 with respect to the previous year. Television commercials accounted for the greater portion of this investment, followed by digital and radio advertising. The driving force behind these investments and ads came from the construction, finance, and retail sectors.

Investor companies made %26 of their investment to the finance sector in Turkey. Spanish Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) purchased %9.95 of Garanti Bank, which is one of the biggest banks in Turkey with a revenue of 917 million dollars. In addition to this, Mayhoola for Investments LLC from Qatar has bought %12 of Boyner, which has several stores across Turkey in return of 173.1 million dollars in the retail sector. This great purchasing strengthened the view that Turkey is one of the reliable markets to invest and this increased advertisement investments as well.

Turkey, with its low taxation policy, geographical location, young population and a large, growing market size, is becoming more attractive for foreign companies. As BGA Partners and your target partner, we ensure you achieve a steady position in the Turkish market through the creation of glocal strategies. With the advantage of being an integrated marketing communication agency, we provide a unique and clear message for your costumers regarding your brand. We are ready to serve you within the scope of knowledge, trust, and wisdom.