Apr 1, 2019

What is Generation Z Expecting from the Brands?

Millennials or in other words ‘Generation Y’ is the generational group who followed their previous generation ‘Generation X’ who are born between the 1980s to mid-1990’. The Generation Z or ‘Gen Z’ the group that came after the ‘Generation Y’ who born between the mid-1990s and Mid-2000s. As we all know, these generation groups have several characteristics which we can see in all aspects of life. The generation Z attention span is less than ‘Gen Y’ and they process information quicker than ‘Gen Y’. Their attention span might be less than Gen Y but they are capable of doing lots of tasks at the same time. But the biggest differentiator is that they were born into “tech-immersed” society. Since they brought up in the technology age of the 2000s, they are in love with the technology the brands who engaged with technology. A research by Accentura shows that ‘Gen Z’ love tech-driven shopping and they prefer faster shopping experience more than any generations and for instance 1-hour delivery activated shopping and in-store kiosk are desirable for them.

Perception of Brands in The Eyes of Gen Z

Along with all these insights, brands are less important for this generation; they can easily switch to the other brand because the only thing that matters to them is “Customer Experience”. They seem shopping as a social experience and before starting this journey, they “Googled” the product they want to purchase, watch influencers’ videos and ask their friends opinions regarding that product. They are socially active online and offline. Gen Z lives in social media where engaging with other customers is possible. Marketers also referred to Gen Z as ‘Total Social’ generation because they both love face to face and digital communications. Since social media has a huge impact on Gen Z, they expect unique experiences from brands that they can share on their social media accounts. According to research, 13.4% of all their daily conversations of ‘Gen Z’ consisted by brands and their brand experiences. It can be said that the brands which are more active on social media can be benefited easily from this situation. Considering ‘Generation Y’ was more loyal to the brands; however, it is hard to say that for Generation Z who see loyalty is a vague concept. Because they are off the grid, more eager to learn and excited for having new experiences. The answer to the question “What’s in it for me?”  is more important for this generation than the brand itself. They are more into personalised items which made easier to express themselves to others and for that reason personality of a brand is very important for the Gen Z as well as the uniqueness of the customer journey. 

As Bga Partners we create marketing solutions which are compatible with today’s marketing world and the new generation. Our vision is to provide 360° communication services that can adapt yourself to the changing trends and the new customer types like Gen ‘Z’.